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Do You Have a Great

Business Idea?

Have a great business idea?  We want to hear about it!  


If you would like to get an evaluation of the viability of your business plan, including constructive ideas on startup financing, bootstrapping, marketing and other key elements of your business plan, we offer a business plan evaluation and consulting service.


The basic cost for this service is $300 and includes a comprehensive write-up, evaluation and one hour of consultation via phone or web conference.  Additional consulting hours are available at $275 per hour.


If you are interested in having a mega-successful entrepreneur with 36+ years in business help you with your business plan, please email us at

Looking For Start-Up

or Expansion Funds?

If you have a great business idea or an existing business that needs startup or expansion funds please contact us.


We are interested in businesses where there is a unique value-add, experienced management, integrity and a go-to-market strategy wherein the owner(s) are looking for a strategic partner to accelerate their business plan.  Most of our deals involve equity and/or debt or some combination thereof that works for both parties.


Any investment must have the ability to produce a 20%+ return on investment as a minimum criteria. 

Email us at

Particular Areas

of Interest

  • B2B

  • Communications & Entertainment

  • Energy

  • Financial & Professional Services

  • Inventions

  • IT & Telecom

  • Logistics

  • Medical

Ready For the Next


Email Us

-OR- Sumbit Your Business Plan Today

*Please note at this time we are not entertaining investment strategies in movie production, general retail (unless unusually unique), restaurants, food distribution, apparel (unless licensing is part of the biz plan), foods and oil well production.  Please check back often as these limitations do change from time to time.

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