February 13, 2017

9:00 AM comes especially early for kids or young teenagers. It is even more debilitating when your father is the alarm clock that has a snooze button you don’t want to press. Today by 9:00 AM I have run a mile, been at work for an hour, and had my first cup of coffee. But back then, not so much. There was always something to do around the house and my father made sure that we were up to do it.  Of course, we were never in the best of moods in the morning and this reaction would be met with a rhetorical question from my father such as “do you think this is a resort?” He always had us doing something even if it was completely useless to keep us busy. I realize now, as a grown adult, it was all about using our time productively and that’s what I learned from my serial entrepreneurial father.

By no means did I have it bad as a kid growing up, although, my thirteen year old self might say otherwise, but in hindsight I was extremely fortunate. There are kids who...

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