September 16, 2019

Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! Never in my dreams did I figure a tough street girl from Hell’s Kitchen (HK) would end up living a dream life with financial freedom.  Growing up in crime wonderland never afforded me anything monetarily, but gave me something much more valuable, the greatest entrepreneurial gift – a burning desire to make my life better.

I had little supervision as a child, as was the same for many of my peers.  We were left to our own devices most of the time.  For the most part this was great fun as we pulled pranks on strangers and played in open fire hydrants on hot summer days. On the flip side, our lack of supervision offered great opportunity in gangland. I had a few boneheaded friends who succumbed to this temptation and some lost their lives before the age of 20.

I have always loved dogs and find them to be the most optimistic creatures on earth. There were plenty of dogs that had it rough in HK, but they would always greet me with a wag of excitement in spi...

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