March 27, 2017

So, what is it that makes someone leave the security of a paycheck and a 401K plan to jump off the cliff into entrepreneurship? I can’t speak for others but I will give you my reasoning.  

I worked for a very large consulting firm for many years and the thing I found most incredible was the environment where everyone gets a trophy.  The end result in this culture is it breeds mediocrity. The person who planned a party might get the same recognition as someone who identified a huge cost savings and had the initiative to execute a solution.  As a manager, we were told to “cycle” pay increases so the same people weren’t getting an increase each year.  This meant I would be required to give a pay increase to someone who did absolutely nothing toward the business goals and give the slam/dunk, over-performing, stellar employee zero. Believe me, I would fight for the employee that delivered but would ultimately get shot down in the final “calibration”. Yes – all managers would sit in a room an...

March 20, 2017

Too often we will bring on a new hire that looked like a dream on paper but was actually a nightmare in disguise. I have more stories than I can count about hiring what seemed to be a mature, hardworking, level headed individual but in reality they had boiled bunnies in pots all over town! Why did I not find this out through an employment reference check? Because it is against the law for a previous employer to offer any information on a reference check other than the dates the person was employed by them and their salary.  Therefore, it is imperative to have an accurate BS meter when interviewing people.  Dig in, ask for examples if something doesn't sit right with you.

For my company I now require an applicant to go through several rounds of interviews. I even have people not connected with the role we are filling talk with the applicant to get a feel for the person.  Still, people have slipped through the cracks.

One lady we hired, we'll call her Agnes, to support a top exec...

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