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A serial entrepreneur his entire adult life, David Thomas Roberts has been in business for himself since the age of twenty-one. Roberts saw first-hand how his step-father was treated by a major U.S. corporation whom he had devoted his entire life with unconditional loyalty. 

Always challenging the status quo, Roberts has built a lifetime of success in the defiance of accepted business norms which has led him to be dubbed, “The Renegade Capitalist™”.


In college, Roberts became discouraged that they weren’t teaching him a path to entrepreneurship.  The second he realized he wasn’t getting the knowledge he desired, he dropped out and within a year opened a multimillion air freight business with his brother. The severe downturn in the oil business had a great impact and eventually the business failed. Roberts took many valuable lessons from this experience.


Undaunted, Roberts launched another business which he later successfully sold.  Roberts has built numerous successful businesses, in the freight industry, telecommunications, distribution, network-marketing and publishing. He is the founder and CEO of Teligistics, a leading multi-million-dollar telecom technology management firm that was started on metal folding card table in a closet with $1,000.


Roberts has one U.S.  Patent to his credit and other patent(s) pending relating to solutions he developed for large enterprise companies for managing global telecommunications expenses. Roberts pioneered an industry that is now estimated to be a $20 Billion market.


Roberts is a published author, with two political thriller Best Sellers to his credit, “Patriots of Treason” (2012) and “A State of Treason” (2014).  Inspired by his four children, Roberts recently released his inaugural unconventional business book titled, Unemployable! How to be Successfully Unemployed Your Entire Life. Roberts will soon release his fourth book which is a continuation of political thriller series and has several more business books in the works.


Typical of Roberts, once he learns a business he figures out a better way he will start another business.  After being frustrated by the process of publishing his first book he started Defiance Press & Publishing designed to work with authors to provide a smoother method than what he experienced publishing his first book.  He has since published 2 more books by different authors with one being made into a movie. Defiance Press and Publishing will soon be releasing a series of children’s books as well.


Roberts has been interviewed by hundreds of radio and TV programs discussing his books and the future plans of his publishing business.


Roberts has the rare business acumen of how to start a business from nothing and grow it to raise millions of dollars in a private stock offering. Roberts is sought after for advice on business plans, unconventional marketing insight and for speaking engagements.


Recognizing the need for more entrepreneurial opportunities, classes and degree paths for aspiring entrepreneurs, Roberts has advised major universities and MBA programs on the creation of degree paths and curriculum for entrepreneurial studies.


Roberts’ failures have taught him valuable life lessons that led to his success and ultimately financial independence.


Roberts lives with his wife of thirty-four years near Houston, Texas.  He has four grown children and two grandchildren.

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